Co-ed Indoor Division
Pier 25 Co-ed 6V6 & Pier 6 4V4 Beach Volleyball
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Co-ed Indoor Division Rules


To play in the Big City Volleyball League, a person must both be on their team’s roster and must have handed in a waiver form. Teams have until the 6th match of the season to add players to their roster. To do so, the league must be notified by e-mail:, by 5:00 p.m. the day of the match in which they wish to use such players and Captains must add them to the online roster. Such players must then fill out a waiver (available in every gym) and hand it in to the ref. PLAYERS MAY NOT BE ADDED AT THE GYM!

If you are found to be using a player who is not on your roster OR has not handed in a waiver form, you will forfeit all three games of the match(es) in question.

After match 6 (including the postseason), roster exemptions to replace injured players or players who have moved will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In no event will the league allow any such player to be replaced by someone at a higher skill level.

Players may only play on one team per division. A player MAY play on a Division 3A and a Division 3B team, but may NOT play on two Division 3A teams. Teams playing with any player who is not on their roster will forfeit any games they win. (Teams are NOT allowed to “borrow” players from other teams for the evening).

Playoff Eligibility: To be eligible for postseason play, a player must have appeared in at least one match during the regular season. This is to prevent teams from loading up with “ringers.”

All Players eligible to participate in the post season MUST also be on the current season On-Line Roster.

Players on more than one team qualifying for the playoffs in the same level (i.e., such a player plays on a playoff qualifier from Div. 5B and another playoff qualifier from 5D) may play on both teams during the playoffs but must declare which team they’re on if they go head-to-head.

Teams that forfeit a maximum of 3 times during a season will lose playoff eligibility for the post season. Meaning if all 3 matches of the night are not played due to an entire team not showing up, it will be counted as a complete forfeit in the records and your team will be notified.


If a team has 6 players on the court, at least 2 must be women. If it has 4 or 5 players on the court, at least 1 must be a woman. Fewer than 4 players is a forfeit.

Teams are allowed to play with fewer than 6 players if they choose, even if they have 6 at the gym.

Exception: if a team starts with a legal # of players, they can continue on if someone gets injured. They cannot lose by forfeit if someone gets hurt after play begins. This means that a team that starts with 4 people can continue on with 3 if one of them gets hurt, and that a team that starts with 4 men and 1 woman can play on if the woman gets injured.


Absolutely no abuse of the referees will be tolerated. Refs may warn, penalize with a point, or eject any player who is verbally abusive. Physical abuse will result in automatic ejection from the league. Officials are not required to give a warning in any situation. Once the match is underway, only the floor captain may speak to or question the referee. If a ref’s conduct comes into question, the team captain should call the league office the next day. Similarly, we want to know if a ref is ever late.


Three 25-point Rally-Scoring games with let serve will be played (win by two points, cap at 27). All games count individually in the standings.


Start times vary by gym, so check your team’s schedule carefully. Teams with fewer than 4 players (or without at least 1 woman) on the court—ready to play—10 minutes after game time, will forfeit the 1st game of the match. If the situation does not change, they will forfeit game two 10 minutes later, & game three 10 minutes after that. In the event of a match-ending injury to a player on a team which leaves that team without an eligible line-up, that team may finish the match with its remaining players.

Teams that forfeit 3 or more times during a season will lose playoff eligibility for the post season. Meaning if all 3 matches of the night are not played due to an entire team not showing up, it will be counted as a complete forfeit in the records and your team will be notified. Big City Volleyball also reserves the right to kick a team out of the League that forfeits three times with no refund.

Please note, the refs are under strict orders to never negotiate forfeit times. They will declare a forfeit at the appropriate time, according to their timepiece, and there will be no further discussion. “But we have two players coming up the stairs” or “One of our guys is in the bathroom” are not going to persuade a ref to give you more time. Referees will NOT officiate forfeits.


Each team shall bring at least one quality volleyball to each match. (Recommended: Molten NCAA FLISTATEC). The ref will decide which ball will be used in play.


The team wearing the most BIG CITY shirts of any color (up to six) gets the choice of side, serve or receive. (Choosing “serve” means they get to serve first in games one and three.) If both teams have the same number of shirts (or both have more than 6), a coin will be flipped or rock, paper, scissors will be played between captains.

The ball must be tossed when serving. If it is tossed and not served (i.e., is dropped or caught), it is a side-out. In some gyms, stepping in to serve is allowed; the ref will go over any such ground rules in the captains’ meeting.

There should be no yelling during the opposite teams service. It is considered a distraction and unsportsmanlike play. First warning is a yellow card, second warning the serving team will be awarded a redo.

Third warning serving team will be awarded a point.


The serve and / or any first hit of the team, may now be received with open hand (finger). USAV rules allow for two consecutive contacts of any first ball over the net, providing that they occur during a single attempt to play the ball, and that the ball is not caught and/or thrown.


Spiking by any of the three front row players is legal. Spiking from out of the back row is only legal if the attacking player takes off from behind the ten-foot line. If a back row player contacts a ball while within the 10-ft. area, it must be below the height of the net. In gyms where there is no 10-foot line, the ref will designate one.


No contact with the net is ever legal, including on a follow-through. (Exception: when the ball hits the net into a player’s hands).


Contacting the opponent’s playing area with any part of the body except the hand or foot is a fault. Touching the opponent’s area with a hand or foot is not a fault providing that some part of the hand or foot remains on or above the center line.


A player may reach over the net to block any ball, provided that ball has been intentionally guided by their opponent toward his or her court. A player may also block any third ball hit by their opponent. A player may not block a set, and may not touch a ball that has not yet broken the plane of the net (unless it is a third ball). A block does not count as a hit; in fact, the blocker may then touch the ball again as the team’s first contact. Only front row players may block. (A player may never attack a ball that is still on their opponents’ side of the net).


The ball must pass between the antennas or their assumed indefinite extensions. A ball that touches an antenna is out. Any player wearing antennas should immediately return to Mars.


A ball hit by a team which touches the ceiling on their side of the net and stays on their side of the net is in play, provided they have not used up their three hits. If it lands on the opponents court, it is no good. A ball striking a backboard or rim will be a replay only if the ref feels it was going to be a playable ball; such obstructions will be noted in the captains’ meeting.


A team will be granted two 30-second time outs per game. Only the floor captain may request a time out.


Teams may substitute by rotating in, or through any other legal substitution pattern. (A player who comes out may not return in a spot that would advance him in the rotation.) If a team starts with fewer than 6 players, anyone who arrives late may only be brought in to a back row position. Any pattern may be used as long as it is agreed upon prior to the match and that the referee is able to keep track of it. However, Teams are not allowed to do a “double switch” using the rules to prevent one of their two female players from ever rotating through the front row, a practice the league believes is contrary to the spirit of a coed league. Because we do not employ a team of scorekeepers, a referee may refuse any substitution or substitution pattern that?fs too difficult to keep track of.

Teams may use the simple format of substitutions for front-row and back-row players. Always keep in mind you may never double substitute girls from the front row alway causing a (3 ‘man’ front-row) lineup.


Shorties, rejoice!* If playing at the net is not your thing and defense is your forté, you’re in luck! Big City Volleyball is formally introducing libero use this season. The libero is a defensive-specialist with a specific set of rules governing play. Below are the Libero rules we’ll be using in Big City Volleyball:

*Liberos come in all shapes, genders, and sizes.

Using a Libero:

  • The libero must wear clothing that is immediately recognized from all angles as being in clear contrast to and distinct from the other members of the team. If you intend to have a libero during your season, please let us know and we will give them a different colored shirt.
  • The captain must let the referee know at the start of the match if the team intends to use a libero. Only one person may be designated as libero per set. Let the referee know if you change liberos between sets.
  • A female libero DOES NOT COUNT towards the two-female minimum on the court in Co-Ed matches.

Playing Actions:

  • The libero is restricted to perform as a back-row player, and is not allowed to complete an attack from anywhere (on or off the court) if, at the moment of contact, the ball is entirely above the height of the net (don’t jump if you are hitting the ball).
  • The libero may not block or attempt to block.
  • A teammate may not complete an attack if the ball has been overhand-set by a libero in front of the attack line. The libero must bump-set in front of the 10-foot line, or the teammate must stay down. Overhand sets by liberos are okay if they are behind the attack line at the time of contact.

Libero Replacements:

  • The libero is allowed to replace any player in a back-row position.
  • Replacements involving the libero are not counted as official substitutions, and are unlimited.
  • There must be at least one rally between two libero replacements.
  • The libero can only be replaced by the player whom he/she replaced. An incorrect libero replacement is penalized with a delay of game if the officials identify and correct the situation prior to the next service contact. If identified after service contact, a position fault results.
  • Replacements can only take place after the end of a rally or at the start of each game after the umpire has verified the starting lineup. The replacement must occur while the ball is out of play and before the referee signals for serve. A replacement will not be allowed after the signals for serve.
  • A libero and the player replaced by the libero must enter or leave the court only by the sideline in front of their team bench between the attack line and the end line. Do not make the libero replacement in front of the 10-foot line.
  • Libero Serving Rules
  • In one rotation, the libero may replace a player in the service position to serve. The libero may only serve in one position in the serving order.
  • If the libero is in the game immediately prior to moving to a serving position there does not have to be a rally between libero replacements if the libero serves the next rally.


Decisions based on the judgment of the referee are final and not subject to protest. Disagreements with interpretations of the rules must be brought to the attention of the referee and the opposing captain before the beginning of the next point; the protesting captain must note the score before such a play. A formal protest requires a non-refundable fee of $25 to be paid to BIG CITY within 24 hours of the game. The League Directors will then talk to all involved parties and make a ruling. If the protest is upheld, play will proceed from the point preceding the disagreement at a future date

19. Due to insurance regulations and new school policies, children under 18 are not permitted in our gyms.

Special Notes

  • A valid photo I.D. required for admission to all schools.
  • No food or beverages in any gym. Water fountains are available.
  • No bikes allowed in any school. Roller blades must be removed at the front door.
  • Please do not arrive at any gym before 6:00 p.m.; we are not allowed in before then. For games at Lycee, please do not arrive before 6:45.
  • Sneakers are mandatory: no shoes, hiking boots, sandals, or bare feet!
  • No hats or bandannas worn over the head.
  • Any captain who suspects a ”ringer” on the opposing team may ask for a signature to be collected by the referee, which will be compared to that player’s signed waiver form. The refs may also do so on their own. (Another good reason to get all your waivers in!)
  • Playoff dates and info are noted on your regular season schedule