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How much does the league cost? / When does the next season start? / How do I get involved?

E-mail us your mailing address (snail mail, please) at Approximately 6 weeks before each new season, we’ll send you all the info you need.

Where are the gyms?

All of Big City’s gyms are located in the hottest neighborhood in NYC. All teams rotate through all the gyms during the course of the season.

Can I join as an individual?

Of course. Each season, 100-200 individuals join the league. We help them form into teams at our open scrimmages with other people at their own skill level.

What’s this “skill level” thing about – it sounds scary!

The league has 3 different divisions for mixed skill levels, from corporate teams just want to have a great time to ex-collegiate volleyball players team. Before each new season begins, we bring every new team in for a preseason Ranking Scrimmage, where we determine which level is best for them. If you’re an individual player who ends up on a newly formed team, your team will have a Ranking Scrimmage too.

How many people on a team? Is it coed?

Six people play at one time (though the league allows teams to play with as few as four to cut down on forfeits). It’s a coed league, so when 6 are on the court, 4 male maximum and 1 female minimum. (With four people on the court, at least one must be a woman.) We recommend that teams have 6-10 people on their roster (though you’re allowed to have up to 15, we will be issuing 10 shirts per team registration).

Is there an age limit?

Yes—you must be between 18 and 99 to play in the league.

When does the season start? / How many seasons a year do you have?

Much like the planet earth, we have four seasons a year. They begin in mid-January (Winter), mid-April (Spring), mid-July (Summer), and early October (Fall), and last about two and a half months each.

How many matches are there in a season?

10 matches in Fall, Winter & Spring season+ plus playoffs. 8 matches in Summer season + plus playoffs.

How many times a week do we play?

Each team plays once a week—the same night every week—except for one or two weeks when they might have 2 matches or a double header in the same week (usually because of a holiday, or a school closing, etc.).

When and what time are the games?

Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Typical start times are 6:30, 7:40 and 8:50. The start time of the matches are on rotation.

Do you have referees?

Indeed. Our refs are acknowledged to be the best in the city.