Group Privates

Safe, engaging and fun, these Design-Your-Own VolleyPods are ideal for those who already have their own group of at least 6 friends, teammates or classmates who want to be outside in the fresh air working in a private setting at a park of your choosing.


Ages 8-16

6 or more players

Central Park

Riverside Park

Tompkins Sq Park

Prospect Park

Cadman Park or a Park of your choosing

$300 per day ($50 per additional player over 6 / max 8 participants)


2 hours per pod

4 / 6 / 8 week packages (duration)

Weekdays after school (start time of your choosing)

Weekends (start time of your choosing)

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How It Works

Our VolleyPods take place at a park of your choosing on a day(s) of your choosing in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan.

Big City will design a unique volleyball program for 4 to 6 young athletes that will keep them active while, improving their skills and increasing their proficiency in all aspects of the game.

Each 2 hour session costs $300 for a group of 4-6 players.

You may have fewer players but the cost is still $300 per session. Additional athletes (more than 6) will cost $50 per player per session.

Custom Designed Pods are 2 hours each and can be booked for as many days of the week as you like, at times of your choosing.

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